Discover the top influencers in the world of art, as well as a little peek into their everyday lives. There are artists & designers, art critics & museum curators, as well as art educators and emerging digital artists.

List of 9 of the best art influencers
Klaus Biesenbach

Klaus Biesenbach is the German-born art director of The Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles and is considered one of the best art curators in the world. Follow his social media to see what his eyes see when it comes to art, design, and how to stage a great art show.

Philip Boelter

Boelter Design Co is run by artist & designer Philip Boelter whose artwork focuses mainly on landscapes, nature, and flora from Southern California. As well as posting his finished products on his social media and blog, he also shares tutorials & videos of his artistic process to help inspire other painters.

Nancy Spector

Nancy Spector, an art historian and former curator at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, is a modern-day art influencer via her social media. If you’re an art fan, you’ll love the throwbacks to her Guggenheim days, her highlights of recent exhibitions, and her snippets on new artists.

Josie Lewis

Artist & influencer Josie Lewis frequently shares her own creative routine to encourage others to find their own artistic ‘flow’. Follow her process on her social media accounts, or via her blog of the same name for creative inspiration, guidance, and tutorials.

Jasmin Hernandez

Gallery Gurls is the social media handle for Jasmin Hernandez, a contemporary art influencer, photographer, and fashion lover. Follow on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and her blog of the same name, for updates on art exhibits & studio hangs, as well as style and fashion inspiration.

Who’s Who

Who’s Who, an anonymous and obviously avid art fan, has been generating huge interest on Instagram with side-by-side comparisons of art. As well as introducing new artists, this influencer also highlights how inspiration can be drawn from existing works of art, sometimes perhaps too much.

Maya Penn

Maya Penn is an American entrepreneur, philanthropist, artist, and the CEO of her sustainable fashion company, Maya’s Ideas. Incredibly, Maya started her company in 2008 at the tender age of 8 (yes, you read that correctly!) and has already spoken on three times by the age of 21.

The Latest Kate

Kate is a mental health author & illustrator who uses her drawings to lift people’s spirits and remind them to be kind to themselves. She addresses struggles with body positivity, anxiety, depression, and self-love. And she also gives great life tips to deal with anxiety and panic.

Jaebum Joo

Jaebum Joo is a South Korean artist who creates incredible pixel art. His art is inspired by classic masterpieces from the likes of Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, and Gustav Klimt, as well as contemporary art and street art.