The top celebrity influencers with regard to lifestyle, body, beauty care, fitness, fashion & style. You’ll also find celebrity environmentalists, Christians, vegans, LGBTQ advocates, as well as designers, home decor specialists, and many more.

List of 40 of the best celebrity influencers
Don Lemon

Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Donald Carlton Lemon is an American television journalist. As well as being one of CNN’s top journalists, he also broadcasts the podcast Silence is Not an Option, which explores the reality of being black or brown in America today.

Lucy Liu

Actor, director, and visual artist, Lucy Liu is renowned in both the cinema & TV industries and has won several awards for her work. As well as being recognized for her fashion sense & style, Liu also uses her voice and life experience as a diversity advocate.


Wendy Ayche is an Australian-Chinese singer, creator & influencer, currently residing in Los Angeles. Her social media & YouTube channel feature her music, beauty, and lifestyle tips, while also giving an inside look at her life including her challenges, tours, and Q&A’s.

Russel Crowe

Actor, director, and musician Russel Crowe, who also co-owns a Rugby League team called the South Sydney Rabbitohs, is a keen retweeter. He regularly shares artistic, movie, and musical content on his social media, as well as environmental issues.

Cody Simpson

Cody Simpson is an Australian singer, swimmer, ocean advocate, and model who has released three albums in the last few years. He’s also known for dating Miley Cyrus. Between his model looks, swimmer body and music hits, girls worldwide are finding it hard not to swoon.

Elon Musk

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur and business influencer who founded X.com, which later became PayPal, Space X, and Tesla Motors.  Even though he can, at times, be wildly controversial, he is nevertheless considered one of the most influential business leaders in today’s world.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is a British business influencer, best known for starting Virgin Records in the 1970s and more recently the Virgin Group. Branson uses his voice, blog, and social media to highlight worldwide issues, as well as sharing his business acumen, and many projects.

Chip Gaines

Chip Gaines is a father, builder, author, and former host of Fixer Upper with his wife Joanna. They now run Magnolia together, a website inspired by home decor, healthy food, and their Christian beliefs. They were both recently interviewed by Oprah and share daily positivity & joy on their Instagram.

Joanna Gaines

Joanna Gaines, former star of HGTV’s Fixer Upper with her husband Chip, is now co-owner of Magnolia, an online home & lifestyle store, and co-presenter of Magnolia Table where she shares favorite family recipes. She also regularly celebrates her Christian faith and inspirational life moments.

Sadie Robertson Huff

Sadie Robertson Huff, from the A&E show Duck Dynasty, shares her Christian faith, lifestyle updates, tips for good living, as well as her clothing line to over 4 million followers on her Instagram page. She also wrote a best-selling book on the same subjects, called Live Original.